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Chauffeur From Nice Airport & All Transportation Services To Meet Your Expectations:

A Point-to-Point, and Hourly ride, or a Tour aroud the French Riviera, ToGoLimo always a ride for all your ground Travels


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Point To Point Transportation Service

Nice Airport Transfers


Are you travelling to Nice, Cannes or Monaco for business or pleasure ? So, it’s important you set up your ground transportation in advance as early as possible, and also, very important, your airport transfer to and from Nice airport. Whether you are staying in Nice, Cannes or Monaco, be sure that ToGoLimo is available there for airport transfers city-wide.

Our services are the most reliable and relaxing alternative to a Nice taxi or shared Nice airport shuttle service.

Train Station Transfers

train station-icon

Once you get in to any new town in French Riviera for the first time ToGoLimo offers a great chauffeur service from Train stations of Nice, Cannes, Monaco and more . Your driver will pick you up with a sign borad bearing your name at the train station arrivals hall and will guide you to the luxurious vehicle to be driven in. Once you book your transfer, make sure you send us your train details then your driver can track your train status and be there waiting for you exactly when you get to destination.


Cruise Port Transfers


 ToGoLimo offers very convenient, affordable and comfortable rides for your transfer between the airport and the Monaco Cruise Terminal? With ToGolimo, you can book your shuttle service to and from Nice, Cannes or Monaco Cruise port terminals prior to your trip and get service at Nice Airport. 

Come and use our groung transportation service to Nice Cruise port trminal, it is much easier than shopping for pinuts. ToGoLimo, an official licensee of the Port Authority in both Nice, Cannes and Monaco.

Chauffeur From Nice Airport rates


Flat Transfer rates



1. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Nice Port              40,00 €             55,00 €
2. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Villefranche-Sur-Mer              55,00 €             65,00 €
3. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Eze Village             65,00 €             80,00 €
4. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Opio              80,00 €             95,00 €
5. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Cap d’Antibes              65,00 €             80,00 €
6. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Ventimiglia            120,00 €           150,00 €
7. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Saint Raphael           170,00 €           220,00 €
8. Chauffeur From Nice Airport (NCE) to Sainte Maxime            190,00 €           280,00 €


Some Cruise Port transfer rates


Flat Transfer rates



1. Chauffeur from Nice Port to Nice Centre             35,00 €             45,00 €
2. Chauffeur from Nice Port Lympia to Monaco              85,00 €           100,00 €
3. Chauffeur from Nice Port Lympia to Nice Airport             40,00 €             55,00 €
6. Chauffeur from Cannes Port Canto to Nice Centre              80,00 €           100,00 €
7. Chauffeur from Cannes Port Canto to Nice Airport              80,00 €           100,00 €
8. Chauffeur from Monaco Port Hercule to Nice Centre              85,00 €           100,00 €
9. Chauffeur from Monaco Port Hercule to Nice Airport           130,00 €           180,00 €
10. Chauffeur from Monaco Port Hercule to Cannes           170,00 €           200,00 €


Some Nice Train Station transfer rates


Flat Transfer rates



1. Driver from Nice Ville Train Station to Nice Port              35,00 €             45,00 €
2. Driver from Nice Ville Train Station to Nice Airport             35,00 €             50,00 €
3. Driver from Nice Ville Train Station to Monaco Port Hercule             80,00 €           100,00 €
4. Driver from Cannes Train Station to Nice Airport             80,00 €           100,00 €
5. Driver from Antibes Train Station to Nice Airport              55,00 €             70,00 €
6. Driver from Monaco Train Station to Cannes            170,00 €           200,00 €
7. Driver from Saint Raphael Train Station to Nice Airport           170,00 €           220,00 €
8. Driver from Toulon Train Station (NCE) to Nice Airport           350,00 €           450,00 €


By The Hour

Sightseeing & WineryTours

By The Hour Service


ToGoLimo has affordable hourly rates for your car with driver hire. We offer a ground transportation and airport transfer services. We are committed to more than matching customer needs in Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Saint Tropez. Our hourly service is ment to grant you the freedom to move where ever you wish, and as long as you need.. In case you  want to stay away from parking hassles and appreciate our VIP hire services while you visit the French Riviera’s greatest resorts. ToGolimo drivers gives a VIP treatment the whole time and not only for celebrities. Every guest has a luxury services at a cost-effective price with us.



French Riviera Tours


 Whether you’re visiting Nice, Cannes, Monaco or even Saint Tropez for a week or just a weekend, our French Riviera tours will show you the best in a shorter time. From Provencal medieval villages to the best of Cannes and Monaco’s attractions, there’s always something for every guest. You will enjoy walking to medieval perched villages and their breath taking views and architecture. If you like luxury, glamour and super cars than Monaco, Cannes and Saint Tropez will be yours. Whatever you’re dreaming to see here, our selection of round-ups  will cover the best resorts in Provence. Book your tour and enjoy!

Winery Tours


Get your personal wine tasting tour driver

Whether you’re visiting Provence region for it’s history and architecture or for it’s sun and glamourous side. This is an opportunity to go on a wine tasting tour with a personal driver from ToGoLimo. Our experienced and professional driver will take you and your family or friends through a selection of local wineries and small size wine producers. You will discover secrets of wine distilling. Taste all types of local wines at different stages of prodution processes. All this,  in a comfortable and relaxing car.

Sightseeing Tours

The driver is picking you up and droping you off back to desired adress. 

Cancellation with full refund up to 24 hours earlier to pick up time

Tour name & duration



1. Cannes, Antibes and St-Paul de Vence – (4 hours)       350,00 €       400,00 €
2. Monaco, Eze, Monte Carlo – (4 hours)       350,00 €       400,00 €
3. Parfume and violets – (4 hours)       350,00 €       400,00 €
4. French Riviera Côte D’Azur – (8 hours)       540,00 €       630,00 €
5. Monaco and the hilltop villages – (8 hours)       540,00 €       630,00 €
6. Provence and traditions – (8 hours)       540,00 €       630,00 €

Why Choose ToGoLimo for a Chauffeur From Nice Airport ?

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitization-min

Free Baby Seats

car-baby-chair-free-for clients-min



Free Wi-Fi Spot




Fresh Drinks

fresh drinks




What should I do if my flight is delayed?

As you gave your flight number on booking your transfer from nice airport, the driver will track your flight and know the exact arrival time. Then, even your flight is delayed, no worries, your pickup time is adjusted to your exact arrival time and the driver will be there to meet & greet you.

 What happens if I get stuck at the airport?

No worries if you take longer to get out from luggage claim or customs than it was expected. Transfers from the airport have always 60 minutes free waiting time included. During your booking procedure, you can also enter in how much time after plane landing you wish to be picked up to give yourself more security time.

Do I pay extra if by-the-hour ride finishes away from pick up location?

In case you choose a by-the-hour booking which finishes in a different location from the ride start location, we charge some extra for the distance that the chauffeur needs to drive to get back to pick up location or to ToGoLimo base in nice.

How long does every stop takes on ToGoLimo tours?

Your tour driver will give you the recommended time for each stop, but we definitely give enough time for every step to let you walk around the visited site and take pictures! Of course, the driver is always flexible for any change you request.

Can i bring my luggage on sightseeing tours?

For tours including a transfer to train stations, ports or airports we can take your luggage in the car. Just mind the number of bags. If you need further assistance with this, please to call our reservation team.

How can I find a driver accepting animals / pets?

Choose ToGoLimo, we are animal friendly, just advise the details of the animal in the “special requests area” when processing your booking.

We only accept guide dogs and small size animals contained in a suitable closed transport box

Transporting pets with ToGoLimo without giving details in your booking “special requests area” could lead to additional charges.

How long will my Chauffeur From Nice Airport wait for me?

For a regular pickup (e.g. From a hotel or a street address), your driver will wait for 20 minutes on the pickup location than leave.

Airport pickups include 60 Mn of complimentary wait time before the driver leaves the pickup terminal. Please provide your flight details to allow the chauffeur to track your flight status and adjust the pickup time to actual arrival time. If it’s impossible for the driver to wait any longer we will get in touch and find an alternative solution.

Is it possible to unaccompanied minors travel with ToGoLimo?

Not possible, minors must absolutely be accompanied by an adult.

How can I get in touch with my Chauffeur From Nice Airport?

Please get in touch directly with the chauffeur, in case you are not able to find him.

Call us to +33651409158 for all other issues, changes, cancellation or special requests.

Do ToGoLimo cars have Wi-Fi?

All our cars offer free Wi-Fi spots. To make sure Wi-Fi is 100% functional and in case this is important during your ride you can add a comment in the “special requests area”.

How does work ToGoLimo comparing to a taxi car service?

Of course, ToGoLimo drivers or taxi drivers pick up clients and drop them off at their desired destinations in exchange of money. ToGoLimo Is different from taxi service in the fact that our drivers cannot be hailed on streets without a minimum of 15 minutes advanced booking. A booking request can be placed on our website using TranspOnyx booking Engine, a call to +33651409158, or on TranspOnyx app.

Where can I use ToGoLimo car service?

You can book your ride with ToGoLimo in every French Riviera’s city (e.g. Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, Menton, Saint Tropez Fréjus etc…)

You can book a chauffeur from or to all France, Italy, Spain and Germany when Pick up or drop off location is in the French Riviera.

What is the capacity of each vehicle type?

Our company has 2 categories of vehicles:

  • Sedan Class: Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, or similar

Sedan Class vehicles accommodates a maximum of 3 passengers and 3 bags

  • Van Class: Mercedes V-Class, Vito, Caravelle, or similar

Van Class vehicles accommodates a maximum of 8 passengers and 8 bags

French safety regulations don’t allow bags from riding on the car’s front seat. The chauffeur can refuse the ride if the bag count is over the limit.

Does ToGoLimo offer special services for companies?

Yes. We propose services to professionals, with a possibility of a travel program customization to meet travellers and companies’ requests. So pease get in touch via email or call us to +33651409158.

Can I bring a pet in a ToGoLimo car?

Pets are accepted in ToGoLimo cars. The pet must be in a carrier. Please, to ensure a good condition ride it is better to let us know by giving details in the “special request area” or call us beforehand at + 33651409158 so we could match you with a pet-friendly chauffeur.


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